Let the Americans host the championship instead of Qatar, suggests former FIFA President Blatter

Surprisingly, shocking proposal that will not like many officials from the world football generality especially to the ruling FIFA President Infantin. His predecessor Sepp Blatter came up with the idea that the United States could hold the World Championship in 2022 if it really proved that Qatar was bribing in the election of the organizer of the World Championship.

Let the Americans host the championship instead of Qatar, suggests former FIFA President Blatter

Last week, the US Department of Justice charged that Russia used voting football officials in 2010 to help it hold the 2018 championship, and Qatar who behaved the same way won the 2022 World Championship.

Three South American functionaries chose the promise of bribes. We are talking about former head of the CONMEBOL South American Confederation Nicolás Leoz, President of the Argentine Football Association, FIFA Vice-President Julia Grondon and Brazilian Football President Ricardo Teixeira. Both Grondona and Leoz are dead, Teixeira is in Brazil, which has no extradition treaty with the US. Leoz and Teixeira were indicted in 2015 for the illegal sale of broadcasting rights.


The election of the organizers of the World Championships 2018 and 2022 from the beginning was accompanied by a suspicion of corruption. Now US prosecutors have published details of bribes being sent to five FIFA officials.

Former FIFA President Sepp Blatter, who resigned from office after a large-scale corruption affair in 2015 and then received a six-year ban on football, was among the first to dismiss US Department of Justice charges.

"The Executive Committee had a gentleman's agreement that Russia would host the championship in 2018 and the US in 2022," said Blatter, who allegedly voted in favor of the US, which was Qatar's counter-candidate in the election of the World Championship organizer.


Qatar will have eight new stadiums available for the World Championship in 2022.


Now, in an interview with the German Bild, he suggests that if the allegation of corruption were indeed proven and Qatar was taken away from the World Championship 2022, the United States could hold the championship. They are designated as organizers of the championship in 2026 together with Mexico and Canada.

"Even Germany would be able to hold the World Championship in two years, but this option is not possible because there were two championships in Europe," Blatter recalled the World Championship in Russia two years ago.



“Fortunately, only 32 teams will participate in the championship, not 48, as originally planned by Gianni Infantino. The organization would not be more complicated than in 2018, moreover it is a football tournament and not rocket technology. Even Japan would be able to hold the championship and try to do it, ”Blatter confirmed behind the scenes that there would probably be no shortage of candidates able to replace Qatar.

However, if such a variation were to occur and the United States held a World Championship instead of Qatar, there would be a problem with who would be hosting the championship for the next four years. There were 48 teams expected to play on it and the organization has been assigned to the US, Mexico and Canada.